Privacy & Security


Do you share my personal information with other parties?

IOU Central does not sell, rent or trade your personal information to third parties or marketing firms for their promotional purposes. We do send communications periodically to inform you of the status of transactions or events related to your use of the IOU Central web site.

Some of these communications are mandatory as part of transactions you are considering or have concluded through our web site. More information as it pertains to personal information we collect and the use of personal information is defined in our Privacy Policy.

How do you protect my personal information?

IOU Central goes through great lengths to make sure your information is secure. Here's how:

  • 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) Technology:

    To access your account you must use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption. This is one of the best commercial methods available.
  • Screen name and password:

    Your screen name and password are unique to your account. You should change your password regularly. No one at IOU Central will ever ask you for your password in order to service your account.
  • Firewalls:

    The computers that run our site are protected by firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to the network.
  • Session Timeouts:

    Your IOU Central session will automatically end if you don't perform any transactions for 15 minutes. To resume your session, you will need to sign in again with your username and password.

How is fraud prevented?

We plan to verify the identities of prospective borrowers by comparing supplied names, social security numbers and mailing addresses entered at the time of new user registration against the corresponding information in the records of Equifax and the U.S.

Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control, or OFAC, database, as well as other anti-fraud and identity verification databases.

What do you do in the case that identity theft has been committed?

If IOU Central suspects that there is a loan with a borrower who has committed identity theft, we will work with law enforcement authorities to track down and prosecute these identity thieves. We generally recognize the occurrence of identity fraud upon receipt of a police report regarding the identity fraud.

We expect the incidence of identity fraud on our loan marketplace to be low because of the robustness of our identity verification process.


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