Inventory Loans

In today’s competitive market, an enterprising business owner knows that they need to take advantage of every prospective sale.

At IOU Central, we understand that opportunity can come your way at a moments notice.

Some small firms, particularly in the retail business, are seasonal in nature. With an IOU loan, a retail store can stock up on inventory for busy periods such as the holiday season, and ensure that no sale will pass them by and benefit their competitors. IOU’s superior repayment terms, ensure that your business will be able to maximize profits during prime retail occasions while reducing debt. With no prepayment penalties for paying off a loan early, a business can both maximize profits during busy retail quarters, and minimize interest payments by paying off a loan early.

An inventory loan can help lessen the financial burden that comes with the purchase of goods. IOU's Loan Product allows you to match your revenue with your expenses, and avoid the headaches that come with large monthly lump sum payments. Place the ball in your court with the bargaining power that comes with the ability to purchase product in bulk.


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