Expansion Loans

Congratulations! After a great deal of organization and hard work you have succeeded in starting up your self-sustaining business.

Having already established a successful business model and a growing small business you might be at the stage of thinking about increasing your revenue generating capabilities.

At IOU Central we believe in helping you maintain your organizations initial success and in expanding your company’s revenue generating capabilities. Much like the initial start-up of your business, expansion also comes with its fair share of hurdles that have to be overcome. Although expansion can offer benefits like more patrons or increased sales, it can also place a burden on your company in the form of incurred expenses such as the cost of renovations, more personnel salaries, and increased inventory demand. That is where IOU can help you. IOU Central offers loans from $5,000 to $100,000 that can cover your initial expenses while our superior repayment terms ensure that you can quickly pay off your debt and start seeing the profit from your expansion.

IOU Central's loan program is specifically designed to help you expand with confidence, knowing that you can dedicate more of your earnings to the business, while directing its natural maturation on your terms.


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