All businesses need capital to grow, and an online business is no different.

IOU Central recognizes the specific nature of e-commerce businesses and their ability to attract customers without the restrictions that come from geographic boundaries. Unlike traditional business lenders whose underwriting criteria do not take into account a ‘virtual commerce business model’ at IOU we build a customized business solution around the unique opportunities and challenges that you face as an online vendor.

Just like your organization IOU Central is web based and provides government regulated small business loans. The result? Freedom from cash flow woes and tremendous savings for you (the borrower).

All because we are looking at the big picture. By 2014 it is estimated that e-commerce sales will represent 8 % of all retail sales in the U.S., up from 6% in 2009; with an IOU Central loan you can give your company a leg up over the competition.

We understand that an opportunity for your online retail business can occur at a moments notice and we are committed to ensuring that your organization will be in a position to maximize revenue by providing quick and affordable financing when and where you need it.


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