Day Care Centers

As the number of two-income households continues to increase people are increasingly relying on day care centers to care for their children while they are on the job.

Despite expectations of this industry to continue to grow and increased popularity of these services, running a day care can typically pose many challenges. Over the past couple of decades, social researchers have come to discover that a child’s formative years (between the ages of 1-6) are among the most important in an individual’s development.

At the request of parents, daycare centers have, as a result, evolved from the glorified baby-sitting practices of old into the interactive environments that they are today.

Running a daycare today means having to deal with countless government regulations that can all be taxing on an individual. That is where IOU Central comes in. Here at IOU we are committed to helping small business owners such as yourself obtain the financing they need to keep their day care operations running efficiently and at their optimized capability.

Our loans can be used for any purpose including renovations, expansion, or the purchase of new educational equipment to ensure that your business will remain at the apex of your industry.


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