Company Overview

Financing Main Street Businesses One Loan at a Time

IOU Central helps small businesses who just miss the bank’s criteria or simply don’t want to wait on the more deliberative procedures necessary with a bank and ensure that these businesses are not limited to alternative lending solutions that can charge extremely high rates.

IOU Central is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IOU Financial Inc., a TSX Venture Exchange ("TSX-V") listed issuer.

IOU Central’s mission is to help build small businesses by providing them with the necessary capital they need to strengthen their operations and grow their business. Our goal is to provide these businesses with fast financing at affordable rates by allowing them to use the strength of their cash flows to borrow money.

IOU Central’s unique lending system incorporates proprietary technology that instantaneously looks at, among other things, the personal credit score of the business owner as well as the cash flows of the company to determine the overall health of the business when making lending decisions.


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