Cash Flow Loans

Working capital is the money that your small business needs to manage your day-to-day operations efficiently.

This funding can be used to help your business with various purposes such as:

  • Payroll & payroll taxes
  • Servicing equipment
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Emergency funding

Get peace of mind with the ability to overcome cyclical downturns. Do not be caught unprepared for unforeseen calamities such as when your key customers are declared bankrupt or during periods when demand for your goods or services drops.

Businesses such as automotive shops, dry cleaners, day spas and shoe repair shops require a fluid cash flow unencumbered by the restrictions and fees that can make a loan more of a burden than an asset. Who wants to be forced to choose between satisfying a key stock requirement and ensuring that this month’s interest payments can be met?

IOU Central can be an effective tool to help manage your business efficiently. For companies with a successful business model, a cash flow loan can be the strategy to make your business meet its potential.


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